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O WiiLY? is a gaming blog with a really bad name.

It was started in September of 2008, by a 15 year old secondary school student – yours truly. Over the years, it enjoyed moderate success before I eventually ended up writing for Hide and Geek. Things didn’t quite work out there with other writers and College work dictated that I took a break from writing. In 2011, I decided to reboot the site, and within the first week, topped over 1,000 hits – the most successful spell of the website’s brief existence.

Being irresistibly attractive is just one of my many talents

Rory Cocker | 18 | Preston

I’m currently studying English Language, Media Studies and ICT A-Levels at Runshaw College in Preston, and have confirmed places on English Language and Journalism combined courses at both Lancaster University and The University of Central Lancashire. After achieving AAA grades at AS Level, I am predicted to achieve the same at A2.

Besides OWiiLY, I have written freelance for Hide and Geek, Armed Gamer and Hooked Gamers. I also recently applied to VGChartz’ gamrReview – a website that receives over 30,000 hits a day – but was unsuccessful, despite my ‘excellent’ review, due to my location. Besides my healthy interest in the videogame industry, I could probably be characterised as being a Preston North End supporting Funeral for a Friend fan.

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Tom Connick | 19 | Oxford


5 Responses

  1. I came to look at your blog because of a question you wrote in the WordPress forums. I like the look of it, but I’m wondering why you chose to put your archives in the main body column (I don’t think that’s the right term, so don’t learn it) rather than adding an archives widget, so that you’d be using one of the sidebars? I like how clean and uncluttered your blog looks, though, and I wouldn’t like to see you lose that. Nice clear font, lots of space.

    Do you plan to add any other features? Like, gaming jokes or gaming cartoons (don’t forget permission issues)? Got nothing for girl gamers? (Have you read Anda’s Game?) Gamer fashions?

    Good luck, guys.

  2. One of the few blogs that i found easy on the eye, well worth visiting too (via gonintendo)

  3. hey ive seen you on youtube when you were intraducin animal crossing lets go to the city

  4. Waw, sounds interesting yet?

  5. Great team guys…..all the best !!!

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