Nintendo of Europe announces pre-order bundle for Xenoblade Chronicles
June 28, 2011

Yup, still Europe only. Sorry, North American gamers – you might want to skip over this post altogether. European gamers will be able to get their hands on Monolith’s Xenoblade Chronicles on September 2nd, 2011. What’s more, if you pre-order the special bundle, you’ll also receive a limited edition Classic Controller Pro in red, three signed posters and a reversible sleeve with alternate cover art as voted for by fans.

 – Rory


Press Conference: Nintendo DSi, Wii Storage Solution, Sin and Punishment 2, Punch-Out
October 2, 2008

The Nintendo DSi

The Nintendo DSi

We put a question mark, because we’re really not sure if Kotaku are just messing with us.

Apparently, Nintendo have gotten straight down to business and announced this new DS that has been rumoured for the past few days.

No information other than its name so far.

Stay tuned.



‘3rd platform’. Complements existing DS, not necessarily replacing it.

Some 11% thinner than the DS lite, partially due to the removal of the GBA slot

Picture! Looks almost identical to the DS lite. That IS a camera on the front there folks. More details soon.

Two cameras! One on the front of the console, one on the hinge of the DS.

SD Card Slot! Looks like these rumours are true.

Bigger screens, 0.3 megapixel camera?! Disappointing, really.

The i represents ‘total connectivity with the Wii’, apparently.

Market has almost reached saturation point for DS – still room for growth.

Two touch screens.

You can download full games to the DSi’s internal memory using Nintendo Points.

Nintendo DS web browser built in.

From the “Nintendo DS Shop,” you can download “Nintendo DS Ware.” Software will be split into four categories: Free, 200, 500, Premium (800). And until March 2010, you’ll get a free 1000 points

Take pictures on your DS, store to SD card, manipulate and send on Wii Photo Channel.

Hits Japan on Nov 1st for 18,900 yen…2009 release for rest of the world.

Available in black and white.

DS Download Station in 2nd phase- now called the Nintendo Zone. ‘Nintendo Zone Viewer’ included; no setup needed.

Mii on DS in Lifestyle Rhythm Calculator software.

Pedometer shown. DS Fit?

AAC support.

–DSi conference over–

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time being showcased. Wii – DS connectivity.

A trailer for the behemoth that is Dragon Quest IX was just shown- out next March.

–Wii Storage Soultion–

No more pricey peripherals. Nintendo has done the most sensible thing they could have done. You can now download VC and WiiWare games to your SD card. Nice. No news as to whether you can run them from the SD card though…we’d imagine you can, otherwise, this update is completely obsolete.

–Animal Crossing Wii–

November 20th in Japan.

Stand-alone: 5800 yen / roughly £28

With WiiSpeak: 7800 yen / roughly £38

(Thanks KrySS)

“And if you, a Wii owner, help another Wii owner get connected with the Internet, they’ll give you both a free 500 Wii Points in a new campaign.”

–Games You Can Play On Wii–

Nintendo re-releasing GameCube classics for Wii. maybe to get new gamers familiar to franchises before they get their Wii iteration. Pikmin included.

–Sin and Punishment 2 and Punch-Out! other Wii games–

Megaton! Sin and Punishment 2 announced for Wii! As well as Punch-Out!

Holy crap.

Dynasty Warriors coming to Wii- ‘Sangoku Musou 3

More news on Tales. We’re assuming Tales of Symphonia, but the wording has got us confused. “Namco Bandai’s Tales series is also coming to the Nintendo Wii” We already know…unless it’s a new Tales game.

Monster Hunter 3 being shown.

–Wii Music presentation–

…and it was all going so well.

Hmm, news is slow at the moment guys.

Looks like they might be wrapping it up.

Apparently, there’s still some big announcements left for tomorrow at the US conference.

–Wii Software–

Montage here

Highlights: Wii Music, Animal Crossing, Capcom vs.  Tatsunoko,  Samba de Amigo, Cooking Mama 2, Rygar, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Joysound Wii, Sky Crawlers, Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, Tenchu 4, Harvest Moon, Punch-Out!, Wii Sports Resort, Trace Memory,  Sin and Punishment 2, Beautiful Ocean,  Castlevania, Dead Rising, Final Fantasy: Echoes of Time, Sonic and the Black Knight, Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon, Tales of Symphonia, Cosmic Walker.

A few other titles in there which we couldn’t make out, some looked interesting. We’ll tell you the names when we know them.

–DS Software Lineup–

Kirby Super Star Ultra, Cooking Guide, MLB Power Pros, Final Fantasy: Chocobo’s Dungeon, Professor Layton, Mario and Luigi 3, WarioWare, Phoenix Wright, Infinite Line.

Gah, it’s all in Japanese. LOTS of RPGs for the DS, many with some really impressive graphics.

Montage here

–Wrap up–

The conference has ended. The press now has the chance to demo some DS games and try out the new DSi.

You can expect more announcements at the US conference later today.

de Blob- out Friday (£17.99 at
September 23, 2008

Original gangsters

Original gangsters

We’ve been eagerly watching de Blob‘s development process over the past few months.
At first, we were kind of expecting a game that wouldn’t be anything special, but might be pretty fun, worthy of at least a tenner when it was thrown into the bargain bin.

However, over the months, we watched it grow into something quite special.
It blends an original idea with funky music, top notch presentation and some impressive visuals, rounding off a very solid, highly polished package.

IGN awarded it an 8.4 and an Editors’ Choice Award.
You can read their review here.

If you pre-order the game at, you can bag this funky platformer for just £17.99.
This is a fantastic deal that you really shouldn’t miss.

de Blob launches this Friday (26th September)