Grand Theft Auto IV mod looks better than real life
July 6, 2011

Life has its ways of proving us wrong  and altering our perceptions, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Today, it’s for the better. Recently, I was joining in on a discussion on – of whose homepage my ugly mug is currently featured – about photorealism in videogames and whether or not they’ll ever be able to convincingly recreate reality. I said no. Well, to elaborate, I argued that, unless we see some major advancements in the way that certain assets are modelled and rendered in the next few years, that developers simply can’t, and won’t, devote the man hours required to meticulously render the inside of a character’s nose, or the individual veins in leaves.

It seems that the community does what the developers can’t. In a move that has made me sorry for opening my big, stupid mouth, I have been stunned by one fan’s work. A community mod for Grand Theft Auto IV  has been released and it’s positively jaw-dropping. The mod uses something referred to as iCEnhancer 1.2, and whilst I’m not entirely sure what kind of technical witchcraft and wizardry is going on behind the scenes in this mod, I do know is that it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Sure, the foliage still looks a bit questionable and it’s still discernibly different from ‘real life’, but it’s mightily impressive; for that level of graphical fidelity to be achievable by technology that’s commercially available today fills me with excitement for the future of videogame verisimilitude.

– Rory


GTA: Chinatown Wars- new details
September 19, 2008

Do want

Do want

Nintendo announced GTA:Chinatown Wars to a rather indifferent audience at E3 this year.

“But it’s GTA…on DS!” I hear you cry.
“What’s not to like?!”

See, the thing is, when Nintendo announced the game, that’s exactly what they did.
They did no more than merely acknowledge its existence.

We had no idea how the game was going to play, look or function. All we knew that it was a Grand Theft Auto game…on the DS…presumably set in ‘Chinatown’.

But for all those salivating for some information on Rockstar‘s latest, look no further.

As most had second guessed, the game takes place from an isometric view, much like The Sims.
So while not fully 3D, the ‘top down’ view still allows for 3D detail. 3D Cel Shaded detail that is.
Yep, that’s right, a cel shaded GTA game.

The game will stick to the fashion of every GTA game ever, and remain a free-roaming crime sim.
However, the missions, and the entire game itself, are more suited to handheld play, with missions being shorter and more streamlined.

There will be Touch Screen controls, but aiming will be controlled by the D-Pad, with ‘R’ taking care of the targeting.

The game will feature all the things you’ve come to expect from a GTA game, like a free roaming city, cops, a wanted level system, 24 hour clock, weather effects and all the rest.

The game also supports the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for uploading stats.
Just what exactly these stats are remains to be seen, but rest assured, when we know, you’ll know.