Nintendo announces new Zelda-themed 3DS
November 8, 2011

Ah, Nintendo. Forever amused, it seems, by toying with our flawless and discerning sense of style. No other company pumps out products in so many different colour variations quite like they do, and, seemingly unsatisfied with last month’s announcement of Coral Pink and Ice White 3DS systems, they’ve been at it again.

In their insatiable quest for variety, Nintendo announced today that they will be launching a new, Zelda-themed 3DS system to coincide with the 25th Anniversary of that most heralded of franchises. Adorned with the same black plastic as the Cosmos Black model, the Limited Edition bundle also sports a number of aesthetic changes.

The most obvious one can be seen on the front of the console: a pretty, gold decal print which features the Winged Triforce, Link’s ocarina and what appears to be Sheik’s harp. The visual feast continues when the console is opened up; a gold 3D Slider and a gold trim on the A, B, X and Y buttons, as well as the D-Pad, round off a rather tasty looking SKU. The Circle Pad, however, remains gray.

Details are scarce as of now, but the Limited Edition console will release on November 25th in Europe, and will come bundled with a copy of  The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.

– Rory


Nintendesign – what will the next console look like?
May 7, 2011

You don’t buy a console to look at it, but we all like our gadgets to look sexy. That’s why there’s been countless mockups of Nintendo’s new console hitting the internet over the weeks, and we’ve brought you the best of them. First, let’s take a look at the console.

Nintendo Beem

We’ve heard reports of the Café looking like a modern day SNES, and while this shares more in common with the NES, it at once captures that retro feel and retains some modernity, reflecting the sleekness of the Wii. This is a winner.

Nintendo Accel

Now, this looks rather familiar, doesn’t it? Combining the styles of the Wii with the suspiciously fake-looking Café SDK we saw floating around recently, it retains the connections for GameCube peripherals in line with those backwards compatibility rumours.

Nintendo Current

Looking like an afterthought for the Tron: Legacy film, the Nintendo Current is essentially a Wii with a bright orange strip pulsing around its shell. Not the most original design we’ve seen, but when the Wii is one of the most aesthetically pleasing consoles to date, why change it? A classic Nintendo lesson in ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

Unnamed Concept

Another one from the Tron scrapbook, this one is definitely the most unique of the designs. The question begs – what the hell is it?!

Console mockups are always interesting, but in the run up to E3, all the talk has been circling around the Café’s controller, and there’s been some impressive concepts knocked up to conceptualise what route Nintendo might be taking with it. Let’s take a look.

GameCube Mk. II

Probably the most traditional mockup so far is NeoGAF user Retro’s take on the Café controller. Essentially, it’s a GameCube controller with a 6 inch screen slapped in the middle. There are other minor ergonomic changes, though, such as the inverted handles which look like they’d make the pad a bit awkward to hold.

DS Doppelgänger 

The sleek stylings of this pad would surely please fans of the DS Lite’s look. With a full set of face buttons and dual analog sticks, it brings back all the functionality of the GameCube era. Parallel sticks are a personal peeve, though.

PSP Go Doppelgänger

Another NeoGAF submission here, this time from Fernando Rocker. Featuring a sliding design similar to the PSP Go’s, it boasts a huge screen but still leaves room for those all-important buttons. Again, the parallel sticks look like something that’d bother me, and I’d imagine this beast would be a bit top-heavy. It looks sleek as hell, though, and it’s the first one to feature a slide-away control pad.

A tablet I’d swallow

My personal favourite; it’s got everything I want from this controller – all the face buttons you could ask for, dual analogs in the right position, the classic D-Pad, speakers, a camera, the screen itself, a sleek, Apple-esque design, and, of course , some super-sexy LEDs. I’d buy this. This one deserves to be viewed full size, so click on it. Click on it now.

So there we have it, the best of the console designs we’ve seen so far.  I’m sure Nintendo’s designs will be completely different to anything anyone could have envisaged, but we’ll have to wait until E3 to find out. June 9th, please hurry

 – Rory