RUMOUR – Super Smash Bros. Strife to be shown at E3

Based on the rather naive assumption that you’re currently viewing this post on a 15.6″ laptop screen as I am, I’d like to ask you to divert your eyes and your attention approximately four inches above this very line, to that word – rumour.

Annoyingly, despite that tag being in capitals on every rumour I post, I see comments flaming the blog for giving ‘teh false inf0z’ pasted all over the web. So, just a heads up – take this with a massive pinch of salt; it’s very likely to be fake, but that’s not going to stop me from sharing it with you all.

A report from Great Gaming Crusade claims that ‘Nintendo will be showing off the next Super Smash Bros. game at this year’s E3′. That’s it. I mean, it’s really basic; anyone with a keyboard could have written that. However, that doesn’t change the fact that every Nintendo console since the 64 has had a Super Smash Bros. game shown before its launch, so it’s entirely feasible. A representative of Great Gaming Crusade assured me that “the rumor is from a reliable source in the industry”.

The game is apparently being developed for ‘the Wii’s successor’. From a completely unrelated source, we see a rather shady looking image of the game’s supposed logo, revealing its somewhat awkward title – Super Smash Bros. Strife. Could that be a reference to the inclusion of a certain spikey-haired emotional swordsman?

– Rory


49 Responses

  1. Pretty sure it’s fake, but you did a good job of pointing that out. This blog is great – always balanced and well written.

  2. I want this for Wii not Cafe 😦

  3. teh false inf0z

  4. Does Brawl have the HAL Laborotory Logo on it’s splash screen? I was under the impression the Smash Bros IP was taken over by Sora Ltd.

  5. Phil, Brawl does have the HAL Logo, but that was released before Sora was founded IIRC.

    HAL as a company still exist though, and since Sakurai has publicly stated in the past that he’s getting kind of tired of Smash Bros., it’s possible that HAL would be making this title as well.

  6. Well I hope this is true I figured there would be a 4 even if Brawl is said to be the last one. Brawl is one of the best games made for the Wii so it would only seem rational to make a new one. I have argued this with a friend saying there will be more but he doesn’t agree with me….

    However it should be called “Super Smash Brothers: Battle Royal” and the next system should be called “Payton’s Dolphin Explosion”

  7. ^^^That would be more believable for proof

  8. I’d much rather see Super Smash Bros. Showdown

  9. I don’t think the word “Strife” would just be a reference to Cloud Strife. It’s an actual word meaning something along the lines of a struggle. I’m just saying.

  10. Now personally I would like to see A fighter creation system if they do make a new Smash Bros. there are alot of hacks for brawl already probably the most hacked game ever *CaughWhichIveDoneAlotOfCaugh* anyway they’ve pretty much hacked brawl to the limit. “”””””””””that would be the only hack site left for it now.

    And what I mean by hacked to the limit would be (insert examples here. )

    They’ve only remade shadow and his movesets like 3 diffrent times.

    even if you dont hack I would reccomend checking that stuff out, cause its awesome.

  11. If were able to hack in and make movesets so easily a character creation system shouldnt be to hard.

    “sorry for double post, forgot to finish off”

  12. Strife is a terrible name for a SSB subtitle! I rather see “Mayhem” instead.

  13. Might be fake, might be real, if it’s real, I’ll be happy, If it’s fake…. I’m suing you. ALL OF YOU

  14. WOW
    If its real:
    Hurray! ^_^
    If it’s not:
    v_v Aww man

    tankboy, strife isn’t TERRIBLE, it’s just not very likely to be one.

  15. A longer version of the guy two comments above’s name:

    I am he for he is me and we are we to play the Wii. See?

  16. is it really 5:04? It’s 12:04.

  17. I am he for he is me and we are we to play the Wii. See the fee for all I’m thee and life will size with 2 by 3.

    They all lie because we try to make them say hi but instead, they die.

  18. FFFF—- T.T No toon Zelda!? Well there are Mii 😀 yay! I hope this is real..!

  19. wrong i dont believe i saw a smash bros game on the ds, dsl, dsi, nor the 3ds

  20. Obviously fake. If it were to be announced, it would be with a japanese title such as “Dairantou Smash Brothers “. Also, it’s unlikely that HAL would develop it.

  21. Leonard Millan, you cant predict the future.

  22. Leonardo millan, sorry.

  23. to all you sceptics at E3 2011 ystrday sakurai confirmed the rumor. its gonna be for 3ds and wiiU but there not gonna start on it till Kid Icarus Uprising is dun so dont get 2 excited. Also they haven’t yet confirmed a title but hal labs. made pokemon and kirby or at least helped with em so it wouldnt b suprising to c their name on it. 6/9/11

  24. WOW i wish sonic will in that new game

  25. Note the confirmation at E3. this is happening although whomever made the rumor prolly did it to gain attention or something as in he didn’t know it was going to happen meaning whoever it is prolly has a huge ego boost right now. In that case I will wait for that while I continuoulsy hack brawl and rape computers with Sora. in brawl.

  26. Oh! Oh! Oh! I want Tiff/Fumu, Tuff/Bun & Escargoon/Escargon to be in the New Super Smash Bros. Game!

  27. Tiff, Tuff & Escargoon can be in 3D Model when I watched Kirby of the Stars: Beat the Crustaceous Demon Beast Ebizou!! It will be great to put the three of them in! will it?

  28. Super Smash Bros. 4 (you could know it as Strife or Rumble) There will be a new Super Smash Bros. It’s confirmed. However, I think it’s a fake one. I’ll tell you why I think it’s a fake. 1) On the bottom of the picture, we see «c 2011 Nintendo / HAL Laboratory, Inc.» At the E3 2011 (last week), Iwata said, while revealing that a Smash Bros. will be developped for the 3DS and the WII U, that Sakurai (SSB’s developer) wouldn’t START the new SSB before finishing his current project, KID ICARUS UPRISING. There couldn’t be any picture if the project haven’t started yet. And 2011 is an impossible date for this SSB because the WII U is released only in 2012 and this SSB isn’t a release game. 2)Iwata only said that a new Smash Brothers will be made. How could people know that the next SSB is going to be called «Strife»? 3)When starting a project, the developers don’t think first about the logo they will adopt. 4)On the pic, the logo is the same one as in Melee, unless they changed the colours. 5)WHY THE HELL WOULD THE NEW SSB HAVE SUCH A HORRIBLE LOGO??? 6) Strife is not really a good word for describing SSB. It’s more like an ideological fight.

  29. +Oh sorry… it might look like hating… It’s not my intention. It’s a good thing you posted the pic. Ideas and opinions evolve when debating about this, so it’s a graet thing you posted the pic 🙂

  30. shoulda named it ssb 4. clash…..melee, brawl, clash

  31. Oh! Oh! Oh! I want Tiff/Fumu, Tuff/Bun & Escargoon/Escargon to be in the New Super Smash Bros. Game! Tiff, Tuff & Escargoon can be in 3D Model when I watched Kirby of the Stars: Beat the Crustaceous Demon Beast Ebizou!! It will be great to put the three of them in! will it? Oh Yeah! I like Homer Simpson to be in that game, including Bender, Peter Griffin & Ernie The Giant Chicken! And Goku!

  32. Now E3 2011 is over. A SSB game was told to be in development. If on each console a SSB game has been announced before the release of the system, and in this case it was not at E3 2011, it should be announced at E3 2012, so Wii U COULD BE RELEASED AFTER JUNE OR JULY 2012

  33. strife is not a very good subtitle, but they used brawl last time (wich my sister constantly mistakes for bra) so they could use any thing for the subtitle


  35. I want this game and it does look like it will be real and not a rumor

  36. What date is it coming out does anyone know maybe in 2011 or 2012 because I saw it on some website I remember but i dont know now

  37. I like Amy Rose to be in SSB Game, along with Tails, Knuckles, Shadow & Eggman! And Jet The Hawk! Even Dixie Kong & King K. Rool!

  38. […] it right here for you to enjoy. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some tasty nuggets of gaming gossip.Super Smash Bros. Strife to be shown at E3? [OWiily]  – Take this rumor with a hefty grain of salt, but keep in mind that the previous two […]

  39. sonic e mario…

    […]RUMOUR – Super Smash Bros. Strife to be shown at E3 « O WiiLY?[…]…

  40. Oh Yeah! um… I forgot something! I like Sirica (from Kirby Anime) to be in that game! And Knuckle Joe!

  41. new super smash bros strife E3 2012
    newcomer – shadow silver conker roy daisy
    edward eric
    shadow mario
    boswer jr
    crash bandcoot

  42. denver locksmiths…

    […]RUMOUR – Super Smash Bros. Strife to be shown at E3 « O WiiLY?[…]…

  43. Super Smash Bros Strife is another game in 2011.year.

  44. Were are the story?Super Smash Bros of 1999 are retro game,and the story.

  45. being bored…

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  46. Pokemon MMO…

    […]RUMOUR – Super Smash Bros. Strife to be shown at E3 « O WiiLY?[…]…

  47. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale | Video del “Smash” deSony…

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  48. GOOD NEWS!: super smash bros strife will be coming out on november 2012 on the 20th soo good luck getting that game and the jp is coming out on september 6 and in canada will be coming out also on november 20

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