FIFA 12 for Nintendo 3DS is fully featured

EA Sports announced some specifics on their latest handheld footie sim today, boasting that it will provide “the largest feature set ever developed by EA SPORTS for a hand-held football game”. ┬áThe game, which features over 500 licensed teams, promises to fill the void left by PES 2011 3D for a deep, fully-featured football game on the 3DS, offering “fully authentic 11 versus 11 gameplay, head-to-head online matches using Nintendo┬« Wi-Fi Connection, Tournament Mode with over 50 real-world competitions, a full in-depth Career Mode that enables gamers to play or manage their way to glory, 3D Street Football, Be A Pro and a Training Mode”.

Optional touch screen controls are also in, which should help with mastering those tricky set-pieces and changing tactics on the fly, which you’ll be able to see the effects of in one of nine different camera angles, allowing you to get the “perfect view of the pitch”. Street Mode, as its name suggests, sounds like it harkens back to the somewhat overlooked FIFA Street series as you battle for glory in 5 vs. 5 matches, taking place in “exotic street locales and indoor environments that are true to the spirit of street football”.

You can find the first screenshot here. FIFA 12 for the Nintendo 3DS system is expected to launch alongside its console counterparts this Autumn.

– Rory


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