RUMOUR – Microsoft to unveil ‘Xbox 720’ at E3?

Keen on stealing away Nintendo’s thunder, it seems that Microsoft are gearing up to announce their next console at E3 2011. Naturally dubbed the Xbox 720, the console is expected to launch late 2012, with an announcement imminent. Apparently, an unnamed EA studio already have a very early dev kit sitting on their desk – it’s a prototype that’s currently sitting inside a PC shell, much like the early 360 and PS3 SDKs were.

The rumour comes just months after Microsoft issues vacancy advertisements for a Graphics Hardware Architect and Performance Engineer under the Xbox Console Architecture Group. For Microsoft to have something concrete to show in such a short turnaround would be phenomenal, so a simple announcement of the console’s existence would probably be more likely.

However, Eurogamer thinks even this is too ambitious, as they state that “an E3 2011 reveal for Microsoft’s next Xbox is highly unlikely”

Both Microsoft and EA refused to comment.

– Rory


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