Super Mario 3DS won’t use StreetPass, but will use the Gyro-sensor

In a recent interview, Nintendo mastermind Shigeru Miyamoto let slip a few details about the upcoming Super Mario game for the Nintendo 3DS. Apparently, the title won’t use the portable’s wireless StreetPass feature. That is unless, of course, “a spectacular idea comes to mind”, said Miyamoto-san. It’s by no means a huge disappointment, but you’d have expected a first party title as big as Super Mario to push all the features of the console, even if its implementation was a bit dorky.

Comments about the 3DS’ lack of a second thumb stick were also raised. Miyamoto acknowledged that most games use one stick for movement and the other for camera control. However, he justified the design choice by insinuating that the inclusion of the Gyro-sensor makes up for this – “having the gyro sensor [means] you can replace the analogue stick by moving the console, which is very intuitive.”

While he didn’t directly state that the Gyro-scope would be used in Super Mario 3DS to control the camera, he did confirm that the game would support it in some way. Our bet is on aiming cannons or something similar; controlling the camera using a gyro-scope is not something that sounds hugely appealing to me.

– Rory


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