RUMOUR: Nintendo to reveal new console at E3?

Wii HD
The internet’s been ablaze today after several gaming outlets claimed to have gotten information from inside sources about a new Nintendo home console. Reports have been mixed, but it sounds like the console – which is being unofficially referred to as ‘Wii HD’ – will apparently boast more powerful hardware than either the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and will be able to pump out visuals in 1080p; for Nintendo to release anything less advanced than current-gen systems would be horrendously short-sighted, so this is practically a given.


Nintendos new console may feature a Blu-Ray optical drive

Other specifications were thrown around, such as the potential for Nintendo to include a Blu-Ray optical drive in the system whilst still sporting backwards compatibility with Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo Wii software and peripherals. However, perhaps the most interesting suggestion this morning was this – the Wii HD’s controller will feature a 6 inch touch screen. 6 inches is massive, giggidy. For comparison’s sake, the Amazon Kindle’s screen is 6 inches diagonally, and the NGP’s super-clear OLED screen will only boast 5 inches.

Wii HD controller mock-up

NeoGAF members impression of what the Wii HDs controller might look like

Above is NeoGAF member blizzardjesus’ impression of what the controller could look like in terms of form factor. Details seem to be contradictory; some outlets state that the controller will feature a traditional dual-analogue stick layout with a D-Pad and the physical A/B/X/Y configuration, whereas other sources suggest the controller will forgo physical buttons entirely and employ haptic touch screen technology to recreate the sensation of pressing a button.

The controller will also retain the motion sensing capabilities of Wii, with fidelity reportedly better than that of PlayStation Move. The premature assumption of calling the console ‘Wii HD’ may turn out to be a bit of a misnomer; sources suggest that Nintendo is attempting to recapture the ‘hardcore’ (sorry) market and will be launching the console as a whole new brand aimed more specifically at ‘traditional’ gamers, and, as such, may not even have Wii in the name.

E3 Expo

Nintendo are apparently set to reveal the Wiis successor at E3 2011

The console may be officially announced as early as this month, with the full reveal presumably coming at this year’s E3 Expo. These reports seem to fall in line with the recent Wii price drop that’s occurring due to a rather significant decline in sales.

All aboard the hype train? Or time to put on the sceptacles?

– Rory


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  1. A freind of mine in redmond sez the new console IS going to be a much more powerful system…about the diffrence in ps3 vs wii(in raw processing power)in wii2’s favor of course.
    My contact also sez Nintendo has finally began to take 3rd party developers seriously..they want Skyrim,MotalKombat,Left4dead,RedDead,ect…. They know the wii could only go soooo far wii tech is very dated.Nintendo knows that that gravy train is gone…This IS very good news for us gamers…Oh & expect the big N to take online play much more serious this time around!!

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