Dead Space coming to Wii, EA upping Wii support, more core titles

In Space, no-one can hear you scriim...

In Space, no-one can hear you scriim...

In a somewhat unexpected move, EA have announced that they will be porting the sci-fi horror title, Dead Space, to the Wii later this year. Interestingly enough, we’ve got two different views on the format which the game will take; we’ve heard that the Wii version will be a straight 360 port, with some graphical limitations, of course. However, IGN are reporting that the game will be a ‘fresh take’ on the original.

Considering John Riccitiello’s comments on the Wii’s imprecise control, and his praise towards the MotionPlus peripheral a few months ago, we wouldn’t be surprised if the title took advantage of the accessory.

That meant certain genres were never going to perform as well on the Wii. There are a couple of franchises in our booth. Go look at Dead Space and imagine playing that game with a wand and a Nunchuk. If they improve the precision, then you could have a good experience.  – John Riccitiello, EA

After all, after these comments, it would seem a little nonsensical to not include support for the WagglePlus.

So, with EA bringing Dead Space, a MotionPlus Tennis game and a new Need for Speed to the Wii, what other titles can you look forward to? Well, nothing specifically, but in a recent EA conference call, it was said that EA are upping their Wii support in terms of core, quality titles. It makes sense since Wii is the market leader.

Here are a few of John Riccitiello’s comments;

“Wii is the market leader–they’re getting half of our emphasis in terms of title count.”

“We’re launching Tennis initially Wii-only.”

“(we) will rival Nintendo in terms of quality (with MotionPlus tech helping).”

“We’re bringing core intellectual property to the Wii.”

“You live, you learn you adjust and improve. This year’s title slate (of Wii games) is a significant improvement from last year.” – John Riccitiello, EA

Encouraging words from such a great developer. However, that Nintendo quality comment has us a bit sceptical; remember when Ubisoft said something similar? Well, all due respect, but Ubisoft’s output, despite being nothing less than stellar on the 360 and the PS3, has been rather poor, and somewhat lacking when it comes to Wii. We’ll have to see whether or not EA live up to their word.

Source – Dead Space coming to Wii
Source – EA comments on Wii core support



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