Zelda and Mario countdowns…aren’t Zelda and Mario countdowns

poles-big-adventureA few days ago, we made a post about that mysterious teaser site from Marvelous, speculating whether or not it would be a new Zelda game.

We can tell you now though that it’s not. The game in question was actually a new PSP game known as Yuusha 30, or Heroes 30, roughly. It’s essentially five or six games in one; a dungeon-crawling-side-scrolling-top-down-action-shooter-strategy-RPG. Seriously. The game will vary depending on which character you choose, but it’s certainly a unique and compelling concept.

And as for that SEGA game, touted to be a new Mario title, that turned out to be a bit closer to the truth. The game announced, Pole’s Big Adventure, is a new WiiWare game developed by the brainchild of Phantasy Star Universe, and clearly draws inspiration from the 8-bit Mario games of yore. It’ll be available soon for a mere 500 Wii Points. Nice!

Apparently, the game will be ‘full of gags’; eat enough mushrooms and your character will grow larger than the screen. Quick, someone get me my inhaler; I can’t breathe…

It’s kind of a weird feeling; we’re disappointed and relieved at the same time! Probably because the games could’ve gone either way.

Pole’s Big Adventure – Joystiq
Yuusha 30 – VG Chartz Forum



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  1. of course there will be a new Zelda game soon, they ALWAYS come out with one at least every 2-3 years. They make so much money on all of them.

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