Marvelous Entertainment countdown – Zelda?



A mysterious countdown has appeared on the internet. The site contains an image of a Triangular shaped keyring with a feather attached to the bottom of it.

Perhaps more interesting though, is the patterns within the Triangle, which explicitly represent the Triforce.

However, perhaps the oddest thing of all is the owner of this countdown; Marvelous Entertainment, the creators of No More Heroes.

What could this mean? We doubt highly that Nintendo would lend one of their most cherished IPs out to anyone, especially an obscure team like Marvelous. Perhaps this is a WiiWare game?

According to a translator, the title of the page reads “Will sue you”, but there is probably a deeper meaning to this that has been lost in translation.

The countdown ends in little under 7 days, so stay tuned.

Link (sorry)



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