RUMOUR: Kid Icarus was planned for 2008

kid-icarus-2008 Many people felt somewhat disappointed with Nintendo’s rather lacklustre presence at the back end of last year. Their two main releases were Animal Crossing and Wii Music. Whilst Animal Crossing is traditionally considered to be a core title, it left longtime fans of the series a little disappointed due to its all-too-familiar nature, and lack of any new, groundbreaking features.

This latest rumour would explain why there was such a void during the winter months of 2008; apparently, Nintendo planned to show the rumoured Kid Icarus at E3 2008, and later release the title as part of its Q4 lineup.

It was suggested to be developed by Factor 5, and since they went bust recently, it makes sense that they would have to shift their attention to more important things than their projects, thus the delay.

According to the ever-reliable ‘inside source’, Nintendo of America were “pretty bummed” when they realised they wouldn’t be able to launch the game in time.

So, what’s next?

Well, Nintendo could fund the rest of the project to completion, and if they did lend their IP out to a 3rd party developer for help, it only seems fair that they would help them finish it.

There are rumours, however, that Nintendo are considering buying out Factor 5 as a 2nd party developer, akin to Retro Studios.

Whatever happens, we’ll be reporting it as soon as we hear more.




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