Factor 5 developing Superman game

Factor 5’s Julian Eggebrecht has spoken out on the heavily rumoured Superman game, and though he neglected to confirm the games existence he did concede that the studio is working on a property that “hasn’t been given its dues in gaming since the Atari 2600.”

Following reports of the troubles at Brash Entertainment, Variety confirmed that the struggling studio was working with Lair developer Factor 5 on a Superman game. Eggerbrecht has since addressed the story, telling MTV Multiplayer, “We are working on several projects, both multi-platform as well as single-platform titles for the Wii which you will hear a lot more about very soon.

“One of our large-scale multi-platform projects was started with Brash because it is a dream property for us, and has a huge universe to draw from. It also is a long-term project because we were not willing to compromise quality at all from the start and make this into what we as fans, and hopefully every fan of the property – movies old or new, comic-book, or TV – wants to play. If we have delivered the ultimate fantasy fulfilment in a galaxy far, far away, this one certainly is intended to do the same for a completely different universe.

“With that said, things are obviously in flux and we hope that the game proves to be as indestructible as our hero…” – IGN.com

So the rumours were true. And considering that Factor 5 have developed a flight engine, we could see the long-rumoured Kid Icarus revival make its way to the Wii.

After all, they did say they have Wii-exclusive titles in the pipeline.
Here’s hoping.



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