Monster Hunter 3 confirmed for Europe

Europeans, rejoice!

Capcom just announced that Monster Hunter 3 will indeed be showing its teeth in Europe. No further details, such as the release date, were announced.

And the article’s in French, so you’ll have to excuse the somewhat comical translation. And the hilarious comments. Heck, why am I apologising?

Even if one could suspect that Capcom would open hunting for the monsters elsewhere than in Japan, that to us from now on is confirmed by the firm itself:Monster Hunter 3 will arrive to Europe. That which was indicated that better play of the last Tokyo Game Show has obviously all the potential than one is in right to wait of such a title.

Monster Hunter 3 will propose to incarnate a hunter of monsters and this in various environments as in a luxuriant forest, under water but also in vast plains. The possibility of forming groups of attack of four players thanks to Wi-Fi Connection of Nintendo and with the assumption of responsibility of Wii Speak will be obviously an asset of weight in the purely Community force of the title.

The confirmation being effective, it any more but does not remain from now on to have patience for a coming out date.  


Does that say ‘WiiSpeak’? Interesting.



3 Responses

  1. Hell yes. Just read an article on Kotaku stating that it really is coming over here. I’m very excited since the first game was so much fun. Must have spent 2000 + hours on it.

  2. well i knew it was comin out hahaha cnt wait for it in europe finaly 2 player offline co-op GUNNERS FTW!

  3. thank god this is comin out in europe this is the only game im interested in for the wii becuase i wasnt very happy just buying a psp just for it a monster hunter game

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