Sony in arrogant comment shocker

“Yes, we might take a bit longer sometimes to bring a product to market, but when we do, we bring you the most powerful gaming platform ever to hit – and it will be something that will around for a very long time. It’s (PS3) nowhere near even halfway through its lifecycle, and I could argue that some other competing formats are on their way down right now.” – Sony UKs managing director Ray Maguire

Last time I checked, Sony were in no position to be bragging; they have the worst selling console and the worst selling handheld of this generation.

Most powerful gaming platform? Again, correct us if we’re wrong, but the PlayStation 2 was weaker than both the GameCube and the Xbox.

The icing on the cake is that last comment. I guess you could argue the 360’s sales are slowing a little, but it’s hardly ‘on its way down’. And as for the Wii; well, it shows no signs of slowing.

–Rory, baffled–


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