High Voltage Software looking to other genres

You’ll know High Voltage Software by their upcoming FPS, The Conduit. They’ve spent incredible amounts of man hours and effort in an attempt to fill the gap of exclusive FPSes on the Wii; it’s an area they feel that the Wii has been lacking in, and they’re probably right. The best FPS the Wii has seen thus far is probably EA’s Medal of Honor: Heroes 2, and even that was nothing special.

HVS have made it clear that they’re devoted to showing that the Wii’s market is more than just kids and OAPs. They’ve made it clear they’re sick of developers making crap for our little white system. They’ve made it clear they want to make the definitive FPS for Wii. But is that all? Apparently not.

In a recent interview, Eric Nofsinger stated that HVS has other games under wraps and under development, one of which could certainly be an RPG.

IW: Have you considered, and is there a possibility of high quality RPGs for the Wii from HVS in the future? That is another area on the Wii that is sorely lacking.

EN: That really is another area that can use a shot in the arm I feel. Keep your eyes peeled because in the near future we’ll be announcing some other titles that we’ve already got underway in development. We feel that there are a number of genres that are poorly represented on the Wii for core gamers. We want to do games that are high quality. You know, that’s what we are. I think it’s a shame for what is our personal favorite system to be so underrepresented when it comes to core gamers.

Sounds interesting. It’d be nice to see an RPG on Wii with the attention to detail and care that HVS has injected into The Conduit. They also seem to know their peripherals pretty well. At the moment, along with Nintendo, it seems HVS are your best bet for an Online RPG with MotionPlus and WiiSpeak.



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