Play on Wii- Nintendo’s new line

Pikmin- Play it on Wii
Pikmin- Play it on Wii

Earlier this year Nintendo announced plans to re-release GameCube games for the Wii console. Titles such as Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat, Pikmin, Chibi-Robo!, Mario Power Tennis and Metroid Prime are all planned for release in Japan. And the programme is also set for Europe and North America so the new ‘casual’ Wii owners can pick up some of the NGC Classics under the Play on Wii name.

Jungle Beat and Pikmin are the first games set for release on December 11th and 25th respectively, whilst others are set for a 2009 release. No games are confirmed for Europe yet, but the scheme has been announced.

So why bother? It is expected that these games will allow for Wii Remote use. For example, Pikmin could become an easier experience with an addition of point-and-click controls whilst Mario Power Tennis should allow motion controls similar to those found in Wii Sports Tennis. We’ll finally see Metroid Prime get the aiming system it deserved; the original had somewhat clunky and slow controls. The Wii remake hopes to rectify this by including a control scheme similar to that of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption’s.

Other titles suggested for release are critically acclaimed Eternal Darkness, Luigi’s Mansion and F-Zero GX, in which Wii motion control could become an inconvenience for the speedy racer. You can also expect The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker to be a fan favourite whilst a need for SSBM looks less than likely after the earlier release of Brawl.



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