DS outsells GBA, Wii outsells N64 and GameCube

Nintendo sales have recently passed a few landmarks. Nintendo’s latest handheld has now sold more units in 4 years than the GameBoy Advance did in its entire lifespan. The GameBoy Advance previously held the record for the best selling handheld of all time – that is, if you consider the GameBoy and GameBoy Color as two different consoles – with 81.36 million units sold worldwide.

However, Nintendo have announced that the DS (including DS lite) has now outsold the GBA, having sold over 84 million units worldwide.

All these hardware sales have generated hugely impressive software sales; DS software sales have now reached 454.63 million.

The Wii has also outsold its two predecessors; the Nintendo GameCube and the Nintendo 64. The older consoles stand at 21.74 million and 32.93 million units respectively. Nintendo have announced that their Wii console has now sold 34.55 million units.

This unprecedented success has Nintendo delighted; their annual revenue for fiscal year 2009 is now expected to reach $3.5 billion.

Time to get out those ‘It prints money’ .gifs again.



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  1. […] was even bigger, with the Wii outselling the PS3 6:1. When it really hit some of us fans was when it was announced that the Wii had outsold both the Gamecube and N64′s total sales combined! That’s […]

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