Miyamoto interview: Twilight Princess and Galaxy were ‘missing something’, drum along to songs on DSi

In a recent interview with Stephen Totilo of MTV, Shigeru Miyamoto let slip a new feature of the new Nintendo DSi.

When you’re using the built in Music Player, you can ‘drum’ along to your music by pressing the DSi’s face buttons. Sounds basic, but we bet it’s pretty fun and it’s a nice touch.

With DSi there’s a couple of things. One is just the DSi music player. It’s almost kind of silly. While you’re listening to your audio tracks you can sit there — and we haven’t really talked about it a lot — but you can press the buttons and play drums along with the music you’re listening to.

Miyamoto was then asked if Nintendo were looking to innovate more in their existing genres, rather than branching out to new genres and innovating those. For example, are they looking to innovate Fantasy Adventure in their next Legend of Zelda title, rather than innovate the sports and music genres with Wii Sports and Wii Music respectively? He had this to say

That’s something that I talk to the members of my development team about on a regular basis.

What I’ve been saying to our development teams recently is that “Twilight Princess” was not a bad game, by any means. But, still, it felt like there was something missing. And while, personally, I feel like “Super Mario Galaxy” was able to do some things that were very new and were very unique, at the same time, from another perspective, certain elements of it do feel somewhat conservative in terms of how far we branched out with design. And so this is something I’ve been talking to both of those teams about.

Of course, as is customary with Nintendo, it’s very rare that we are able to announce any games until they’re ready for release, but I can say that these are themes that both of those teams are taking into account and the hope is that for both of those franchises, when we do release the next installments of the “Zelda” [franchise] or maybe the next “Galaxy,” hopefully they will feel newer and fresher than their most recent versions.

Sounds like Nintendo are considering a direct sequel to Super Mario Galaxy with a more radical approach.

Miyamoto then asked the interviewer a genuine question; are there any hardcore games that have recently introduced new and fresh ideas and elements?

The reviewer answers using examples such as Spore, LittleBigPlanet and Mirror’s Edge. Miyamoto acknowledges their innovatons but also explains how these are brand new games and almost entirely new genres themselves.

So, those sound like — particularly in the case of “Spore” — those are games that are doing something that’s very new and different, within the game itself. Whereas it sounds like there’s not a whole lot in the realm of the RPG or in the realm of the adventure game where there’s an amazing new fresh gameplay element that’s been introduced. Would you say that’s right?

The interviewer looks at the FPS genre, using examples such as Mirror’s Edge and Portal to back up his point that there are increasing amounts of innovation in existing genres. Miyamoto only had this to say

Yeah, I think “Portal” was an amazing game, too.

Miyamoto wrapped up the interview with his feelings about the new Punch-Out!! game for Wii.

Of course, withPunch-Out! it’s a game that people have been wanting for a very long time and we’ve had a number of people who have wanted to make a “Punch-Out!” game. I’m working on that game as a producer. I think people who are fans of the original will be very thrilled to see the kind of style we’ve designed the game in. It will feel very classic. But at the same time, with the 3D polygons and the polygonal rendering of the characters, I think is going to make for some very nice cut-scenes and a little bit deeper story.



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