Fire Emblem DS details

Nintendo just wrapped up their conference in North America, and shed some light on a few games, one of them being Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

Much like The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, the entire game can be controlled by the stylus alone. However, button controls are still available for those who prefer them. New portraits, new battle animations, and new spell animations are included. The visuals are a big step up from the SNES classic.

The game features four exclusive prologue chapters that weren’t in the original game. Six different selectable difficulty levels, from beginner to merciless.

New Wi-Fi Battle. Play against friends via local wireless or over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Features full voice-chat when you are playing over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection with a friend. Loan units — loan out one unit that you’ve trained, or borrow a unit from a friend, and incorporate them into a single-player campaign. Shop online feature. Through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you connect to an online version of the armory, which is where you buy weapons and items. Nintendo can update the shop whenever they feel.



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