Nintendo to revive ‘old franchise’ for Wii

The fight is on!

The fight is on!

Gaming website Gamekyo, formerly known as, have posted an article on their site today.

It talks confidently of a franchise revival, noting that Nintendo are set to show off said game at their Press Conference this Thursday.

Nintendo seems to be hiding some more surprises for its upcoming Japanese press conference next Thursday. Everyone is talking about a new model of the Nintendo DS that includes a camera, but what you don’t know is that Nintendo has a new game to show. We can annou

nce today that Nintendo will reveal a new game for the Wii during this event which is actually an old franchise that everyone is waiting for. Nintendo press conference will be held in Japan on October 2nd.

Is the source to be trusted? Yes, Gamekyo are a respectable site, you may know them by their more well-known name of jeuxfrance.

Could this be the long-rumoured Kid Icarus? We’re betting yes, but we’ ll only know for certain this Thursday.

And more importantly, who will be the developer?
We already know Miyamoto isn’t involved with the game, but seems to be aware of its existence.

Our money’s on Factor 5 or Retro.




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