New DS revealed?

Today, several sources suggest Nintendo has leaked information on a new handheld.
If the sources are to be believed, you’ll be seeing this list of features in your next Nintendo handheld.

– Digital Camera
– Music Playback
– Wireless Connection Function Power Up
– Larger Screen
– Camera to be incorporated into games
– SD Card slot (data exchange between Wii and handheld)

The news comes just before Nintendo’s Japanese press conference next week.
Several Japanese newspapers and websites are now confirming the details, and, interestingly, considering they’re never hesitant to usually, Nintendo haven’t denied the rumours.

Even more interestingly, the console is being touted for a release as early as next year in Japan, launching for under 20,000 yen.

Here’s the original article

And here’s a translation;

Nintendo will release a new style Nintendo DS by the end of this year. For the first time a camera will be built into a portable device, and
music playback is also possible. With enhanced wireless communication, it suggests it will be used as an information terminal. Since the DS has appeared on the market 4 years ago it has reached a sales number of 77 million units worldwide. It seems that the new style Nintendo DS will cross over from the gaming handheld industry and compete with the cellphone industry. (translators note: this last sentence is speculation by the author and NOT a fact!)

With the camera, pictures that you take can be used in games. Music can be captured from CDs and such and played back on the new style DS. (translators note: these two sentences are again speculation)

Could we see this new handheld on October 2nd?

Source: GoNintendo



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