High Voltage- ‘We don’t want Friend Codes’

Yer barred

Yer barred

Hear that? That’s the sound of 1000s of Wii fans rejoicing! HVS have said that they don’t want their Online system for The Conduit to feature Friend Codes.

Nintendo are the ones who decide which games must use Nintendo’s own service (Guitar Hero 3, PES2008), and which developers can make their own Online system (EA, Medal of Honor: Heroes 2). Apparently, HVS are attempting to break free from Nintendo’s Online clutches by developing their own Online service, removing the Friend Code system.

“If there is any possible way for us to get around this [friend code] system, we will.”

“A system similar to Medal of Honor: Heroes 2’s would be ideal”


This comes as a kind of light at the end of the tunnel after HVS said that the game would probably incorporate the Friend Code system.

The Conduit launches in the first quarter of next year.



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