Disaster: Day of Crisis gets Famitsu score



Nintendo have been upping their advertising campaign of Disaster: Day of Crisis recently to coincide with its Japanese release this month.

Around all the trailers and screenshots and other articles with Disaster in the tags, this is probably the most interesting and exciting.
Japanese magazine, Famitsu have an exclusive review in this month’s issue. While the entire review hasn’t yet been published, there is one number that’s going round.

Famitsu have given Disaster: Day of Crisis an impressive 34/40.

Thing is, can you trust Famitsu’s scores after the overrating of titles such as Haze, Lair and Nintendogs?

Well, that’s up to you to decide.



One Response

  1. They gave Super Robot Taisen Z 36/40. They’re just a bunch of fanbois when it comes to reviews. Sim City Creator for the Wii (not to be confused with the English DS version of Sim City DS 2 which bares the same name) got 28.

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