New Monster Hunter 3 details and scans from Famitsu

The holy grail of all things gaming has yet again bestowed gaming knowledge and information upon us.

Japanese magazine, Famitsu, has featured Monster Hunter 3 in its latest magazine, revealing new details and features, alongside a fresh batch of screens. Yummy.

The game will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show this October. News on the game couldn’t have come sooner for Nintendo, whose Wii console was outsold by Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in Japan this month for the first time since…ever! This should help to boost the console’s sales seeing as Monster Hunter is a behemoth of a franchise in Japan.

The game will take place on “a new, unexplored island” full of caves, rolling plains, forests, deserts, towns and oceans. Each locale will be rife with unique beasties to hunt alone, or with 3 friends Online.

Capcom have promised the introduction of several new species, one being an underwater monster of sorts that can also survive on the land- it is said to be the ‘main’ monster.

The city, which has grown since the previous installments,  will act as a lobby during Online play where you can meet and chat with other players. WiiSpeak has not been confirmed and we wouldn’t count on it.

For the record, the game looks gorgeous.

Look out for Monster Hunter 3 at the Tokyo Game Show in October

Scans and source – GoNintendo



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