New skate it. locales

Wow, time for a much-needed update.
We apologise for the lack of updates, coursework and parties have kept us from updating the blog.
We hate coursework.


Skating? Oui.

Skating? Oui.

A new trailer from EA recently showcased the upcoming Wii game, skate it.. The trailer also showed off some new locales which were previously unknown.

The game was thought to be set entirely in San Vanelona, but the new trailer proves that to be false.

Instead, you’ll be shredding all over Europe, America and Asia on your Balance Boards. The locales shown were;

– San Vanelona

– London, England

– Barcelona, Spain

– Paris, France

– Shanghai, China

– Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The trailer also showed off some pretty visuals from a much more advanced build than what we’ve previously seen.

Skate It is set for a November launch in all territories.



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