Wii storage solution on the way- “Better than a Hard Drive”

After the rather baffling news that Nintendo has been producing a Wireless Router, we were kind of disheartened by Nintendo’s approach with its peripherals.

We found ourselves asking “Where’s the storage solution we were promised?!”

Well, it’s coming, just not in the form you might have expected.

Company executive, Reggie Fils-aime confirmed that while Nintendo are not working on a Hard Drive, they are developing a ‘better’ solution. Better? Why do we read that as “more expensive and more unconventional”?

We reckon Nintendo is developing some type of Online storage system that’s going to be just as awkward and inefficient as the current “delete and re-download” system we’re using now.

The quote comes from an interview from Club Nintendo, Latin America’s official Nintendo magazine, with Reggie Fils-aime and Shigeru Miyamoto.

Other topics covered included new Zelda titles, Animal Crossing. Apparently, the interview was rather brief and not a lot of information was revealed.

Here’s what we were told

– New Zelda titles are being developed (Yes, Kotaku’s article reads ‘titles’, suggesting more than one)

– No comment as to whether the next Zelda game will use MotionPlus (Doesn’t sound too promising)

Animal Crossing isn’t casual, apparently

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is for the core audience. Thanks for clearing that up there, Reggie.

– “Copying is a way of flattering, so we’re very flattered” – Reggie on Microsoft’s avatars.

–  DS redesign will come “when sales drop”

Nothing more was announced.

We’re eager to see what Nintendo’s Hard Drive beating solution is. Could it be the holographic storage we heard of a while back? We doubt it. We’re far more likely to see some sort of Online storage.



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