Game Watch! Wii games you should be excited for.

Can’t bare the horrible wait for the next Zelda game? Well we reckon you’ve got another two years to go, so hang in there soldier.
These gems should tide you over ’til the next magical adventure, and you should definitely considering purchasing all of them

de Blob- platforming awesomeness from BlueTongue and THQ

de Blob– O Wiily’s Anticipation level; 8

This wacky platformer is this year’s must buy for Wii owners looking for some colourful, lighthearted fun.

Developed by Australian developer BlueTongue, de Blob sees….well, de Blob bouncing off of walls, and painting skyscrapers as he attempts to stop the evil INKT corporation from sucking all the colour from the land.

The colour-fest originally started as a college project but over time, the idea was bought by BlueTongue and turned into a full scale project.

The game will be released before the year’s out, courtesy of THQ.


Hardcore Farming- only on Wii!
Hardcore Farming- only on Wii!

Animal Crossing: City Folk– O Wiily’s anticipation level; 9

Nintendo’s only core offering at E3 this year was the latest iteration of the Animal Crossing franchise, and while it came as absolutely no surprise to anyone, it managed to delight long time fans of the series.

A few have complained that City Folk looks too similar to its predecessors in terms of content and visuals.

This may be true, but a brand new Animal Crossing on Wii with WiiConnect 24 and WiiSpeak functions and an awesome set of comms has got us foaming at the mouth like some sort of rabid badger.


Scare yourself silly with Fatal Frame.
*Sniffs – Rorrrry!

Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse– O Wiily’s anticipation level- 6

That 6? It’s only because we’re so freakin’ scared of this game.

This Survival Horror is unlike any other- you’re not armed. Well we say you’re not armed, what we really mean is that you don’t possess any firearms. Instead you must defeat the ghosts with a camera -yes, a camera- by aiming that Wii Remote at creepy ghosts and snapping them.

Moody music, a creepy setting and tense atmosphere will have you on the edge of your seat- not one for those of a nervous disposition.

(and with the previous announcement that Suda51 is on board -famed for Killer 7 & No More Heroes in this region – we can expect a fresh and original experience which should delight fans of the genre).

Aside from a few control flaws, this Nintendo/Grasshopper game is worthy of a buy- if it ever gets a UK release.

Just remember to buy some more pillows to hide behind…(Ju – and extra loo roll)


Mr. Ford uses the All-Seeing Eye
Mr. Ford uses the All-Seeing Eye

The Conduit– O Wiily’s anticipation level- 9.5

If you don’t know why we want this game so bad, you obviously haven’t read this.

A mature, Online FPS comes to Wii with voice chat, and a wealth of customisation.

A must have.


Shake that thang.
Shake that thang.

Wario Land: Shake it– O Wiily’s anticipation level-6

It would be higher if it wasn’t for the awful Wario: Master of Disguise on DS.

This game is looking gorgeous with its hand drawn art style and amazing animation.

We’re big fans of Wario Land 4 on the GameBoy Advance, but slightly underwhelmed by Wario’s latest outings. This looks like a return to form for the garlic loving creep.

Its been something of a minor hit in Japan and from what we’ve seen so far, this new studio which is on board behind this game might’ve injected what might be seen as needed gameplay innovation and style.

Definetly one to watch.


24th October- Day of Crisis
24th October- Day of Crisis

Disaster: Day of Crisis O Wiily’s anticipation level -7.5 (just to be difficult!)

This is a somewhat slight controversial effort by Nintendo here.

It was first shown when the Wii was very first unveiled at the E3 conference all those years ago (Rory-phew, time goes fast). However, very little has been seen or heard of…’til now. Many analysits and gamers thought this was heaped into the trash bin along with its counter-part PROJECT H.A.M.M.E.R – however, with Nintendo going through all the effort of buying the studio Monolith Soft it was rumoured to be back on the cards.

Now we have a wealth of new screenshots, and a solid release date for us lucky European gamers – October 24th for us to hand over our cash for what we hope to be a solid exclusive to bolster the ranks of more mature titles that are perhaps seen as needed on the Wii console.

With all the natural disaster clichés you can think of, padded with high octane action and, from what we’ve seen, impressive graphics and physics. We hope that this game will deliver on all fronts.

Although, there is a slight niggling feeling going on in our heads as to why we’ve heard literally nothing from Nintendo up until now.


Monster Hunter 3 (tri-)– O Wiily’s anticipation level- 7

Yeah, we don't even have a screenshot
Yeah, we don’t even have a screenshot…

This one has got to be good. At least one would assume when one read the comments Sony fans had been posting all over the interwebz a few month back. Monster Hunter 3 started life as a PlayStation 3 project but due to ‘high development costs on the PS3’, Capcom shifted it to the Wii. The franchise had always been a PlayStation exclusive- up until now. A Free-Roaming RPG where you slash the crap out of dragons and obscenely large fish?

Sign us up.

We haven’t seen much, but what we have seen, we like. The trailer is running in real-time on the Wii hardware, and it looks gorgeous.

Remember the announcement of Nintendo’s Pay-to-Play Wi-Fi service? Yes? Now remember how there’s not been a single game branded with that red sticker? Well, there are rumours on the internets suggesting that this Monster Hunter game will be Wii’s first MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game- bo!) and will be the first game to utilise Nintendo’s new service.

Check out the trailer. (And the sweet music)


Yes, this IS the Wii version!
Yes, this IS the Wii version!

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World– anticipation level- 8

It’s Tales…on Wii.


This is a sequel to the original masterpiece on the Nintendo GameCube (<3). With a new combat system and a few graphical tweaks (yes, only a few), this looks set to become another classic Tales game, and it’ll more than likely win our one-of-the-best-games-that-nobody-played-in-2009-award. Namco Bandai are showing the Wii some sweet love lately, and we like, but we just wish they’d spend a bit more time on the graphical side of the game.

The game currently has no release date for Europe, but is set to launch on the 18th of November, stateside. Expect a 2009 release. Ju – I actually sent an email to Namco Bandai about this game, and got a rather worrying response.

Basically it was along the lines of, they never knew they even released the original Tales of Symphonia for the GameCube in European territory in the first place (!!)

sooo yeah, hopefully there will be enough interest and demand, but to be honest – that proved to be thought for a concern.


This place could do with some spring cleaning
This place could do with some spring cleaning

Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon– O Wiily’s anticipation level- 4

Don’t get us wrong, this looks sweet, and it has the capacity to be great. However, we find it hard to get excited over something we don’t know a great deal about.

Fragile is set in a post-apocalyptic world, covered in a dense fog. Within this land is a survivor. Her name is “Heroine”, but we’re not sure of her role in the game. Along the way, Seto, the game’s protagonist, must read lore and examine wall sketches to advance through the demon-infested land.

We’ll be posting an article later today.

More Namco Bandai love though, and we love that mysterious title.


The House of the Dead: Overkill– O Wiily’s anticipation level- 8.5"Where the dead walk, and bullets talk" Epic.Win.

This game was announced recently, and with its announcement came one of the best trailers in recent times. The 80s style grindhouse theme trailer made for good viewing, and got us all excited for Sega’s latest take on the classic arcade franchise.

The game is being built from the ground up for the Wii; it’s exclusive, and it’s not a port of a 10 year old Dreamcast game (HotD 2&3 Return).

Instead, it looks impressive, and Sega seemed determined to nail the controls for this one.

There is one thing we will miss though, the hilariously bad dialogue and voice acting from the previous games. It was one of the reasons the first 3 games had such a charm about them, but we’d rather see a new spanky looking House of the Dead.

Got a Zapper? You need this game.

Not got the Zapper? Get it anyway!


skate it– O Wiily’s anticipation level- 9

Skating with the Balance Board <3
Skating with the Balance Board ❤

Personally, I thought Skate. on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 was the best skating game in years, and I’m looking forward to this and skate. 2 equally.

So what’s this version got except inferior graphics? Well, this has got support for the Wii Balance Board. That’s right, you can use the Balance Board as a skate board. Not sold it to you yet? I find that hard to believe, but I digress, I’ll tell you why you should have this in your collection when it’s released on November 17th, 2008.

First off, it’s the first decent skating game for the Wii, and it makes Tony Hawks Downhill Jam look like a piece of rushed shovelware with awful collision detection and sub-N64 visuals. Oh wait…

Secondly, EA’s Montreal Team have managed to port the entire skate. engine to the Wii, maintaining the same physics and even the fantastic video editing function. This means you can snap and shoot all your best tricks and your worst bails.

Bizarrely, the Nintendo DS version of skate it features an Online component, whilst the Wii version doesn’t. Baffled? So are we, but we’re sure EA and Exient can more than redeem themselves with a fantastic single player experience and tight Wii Board controls. (Note: the Wii Balance Board is NOT required to play skate it)

You’ll be rolling through the abandoned city streets of San Velona in November.


MadWorld– O Wiily’s anticipation level- 9

Reminds us of the Gears bayonet
Reminds us of the Gears bayonet

Oh Sega, our relationship with you has been a rough ride, but we still love you..

Especially since you’re giving us this to sink our teeth into. This Sin City style action fest looks set to become the goriest game on Wii, and one of the most screwed up games of all time (More so than the uncensored ManHunt 2 we hope). From the trailers, it would seem that the main aim of the game is to beat the living daylights out of anyone and anything. But executives of Platinum Games insist this is not the case.

The game rapidly gained controversy from certain newspapers (3 guesses who) for being too gory and “spoiling the Wii’s family-friendly image”. Well, I could write reams and reams about how stupid that is, but that’s a story for another day.

Nintendo dismissed the claim by saying that the Wii is a system for anybody, including adults, and that the game, like all video games, would be rated and would therefore be available for purchase to people of and above that age rating. Glad to see someone has sense.

Unfortunately, the Germans aren’t so lucky. Sega announced that MadWorld will not be launching in Germany. Ever.

Platinum Games have a huge wealth of pedigree behind them, including Shinji Mikami and creaters from prestigious games such as Okami and Viewtiful Joe – which we loved exceedingly. So we have a right to be more than excited about this game, and so should YOU!

Another Sega game, another awesome trailer.


Rock! \m/
Rock! \m/

Guitar Hero World Tour– O Wiily’s anticipation level- 9

I have Rock Band for the 360, so I won’t be purchasing the Wii version. However, the Wii version looks near identical to the Xbox and PlayStation counterparts in every respect.

Not only will it feature the same axe-wielding gameplay you’ve come to expect from Guitar Heroes of old, but this game features drum-pounding and singing.

Unlike the disappointing Rock Band on Wii, Guitar Hero has us delighted as it destroys Harmonix’s philosophy of ‘Wii can’t do Online or DLC’. Guitar Hero World Tour will ship with every single feature that the 360 and PS3 versions have to offer. This means the same robust Online, the same Downloadable Content, the same song editor, character designer, and world tour. Nice.

Look out for GH On Tour before the end of the year.


The initial trailer was...misleading
The initial trailer was…misleading

Red Steel 2– O Wiily’s anticipation level- 8

It’s a well known fact that launch title Red Steel was rushed. It was buggy as hell.

However, we know a cool concept when we see one, and Red Steel was full of them.

Mixing hectic shooting action and swashbuckling swordplay doesn’t seem like a great idea on paper, but it worked. While it may not have been as impressive as early trailers had promised, it was still a fun diversion from the frantic shooting sections. With the promise of MotionPlus 1:1 sword battles, we’ve gone back to the foaming badger stage.

There was a Ubisoft-published advertisement a while back looking for a developer to help with “the continuation of the Red Steel project”. One of the criteria listed was experience with Online video games. That to me screams “Red Steel 2 Online, con-firmed!”.

The slow motion bullet-time feature in Red Steel was awesome, as was shooting weapons from the clutches of fat businessmen.

With the extra development time and polish that the first game needed, we reckon Red Steel 2 could be a fantastic FPS, and another game to add to your Wii library.


Unleash the, you gotta love wordplay
Unleash the Force…man, you gotta love wordplay

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed– O Wiily’s anticipation level- 5

The anticipation kinda died down when we played the demo. Not that it was bad or anything.

The Force Unleashed features some awesome lightsaber swinging action, mixed with some badass force powers for good measure. As Chris will know, I rather liked to Force Choke the troopers, and give them a rather harrowing and accurate description of what I’m going to do to them.

A particularly lolworthy moment went something like this

Me: “Now, you better give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill you here and now or you’re going to plunge several hundred feet to your death”

Stormtrooper: “I’m gonna fall!”

Me: “Damn right!”

I proceeded to throw that cheeky son-of-a-gun off the side of the walkway.

See, Unleashed gives you massive amounts of power, and makes you feel like a real badass while you sit at your TV, twiddling analog sticks. In fact, the amount of power you have is sometimes worrying, and can cause you to think you’re indestructable. Let me tell you, you’re not, as that AT-ST soon showed me.

(Ju – me personally, I found the game to be excruciantingly average. Uninspired QTEs, rubbish control over your actual lightsaber (you can’t deflect blaster shots >.<), poor gameplay and level design, and the final nail was iit lacked that all important spark. I’m afraid this goes into the barrel of another wasted opportunity by LucasArts, and they should get back to making GOOD games like they used too. Remember those days? Because I do…)

Check out Chris’ post on The Force Unleashed.

–Rory & Ju —


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  1. Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

  2. Blimey! What a hench post! Nice work though.

    In a sea of gaming crap – it’s nice to see a list that highlights the good stuff. Personal favourites? Madworld. Can’t bloody wait. Pun intended.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  3. Nice little site. And decent article.

    How did YOU get a demo of Star Wars: The force unleashed?

  4. Well done, Brilliant Idea, keep up the good work

  5. Hmmmmmm…… I have to say this list was very well done but 80% of these games dont appeal to me. the ones that do would have to be Wario land, Guitar hero, and only because i love to be scared, Fatal Frame IV!!!!!

    (Zelda better be announced soon!! im starting to get anxious!!)

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