Game Focus: Fragile

For those people who are worried that great Wii exclusives are a dying breed, just feast your eyes on this!

Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon is a Wii exclusive that is currently being developed by Tri Crescendo. That’s the same team that developed Eternal Sonata.



Fragile is set in the near future, where there has been a mysterious plunge in the population. You will be playing as Seto, a young boy who roams the world trying to uncover more about this sudden disappearance of life, and to find another like himself.

The Wiimote will be used frequently when you are exploring the world. Seto uses a flashlight to illuminate his surroundings The game uses IR control for much of its inventory, such as the flashlight. Other items use the Wii Remote’s rotation tech, such as the Metal Detector.

A stick. Why? ... I demand Speculation!

A stick. Why? ... I demand Speculation!

If being the only person left after the planet’s population has declined into numbers that are downright dangerous wasn’t enough for poor Seto to deal with, he also has to watch out for ghosts. No word yet on how to fight these illusive foes, but we’re hoping for Ghostbusters cameo…. What?

Fragile has no European release date at this time. Stay tuned to O Wiily?.



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