The Conduit sequel semi-confirmed?

Mr. Ford, Sequel has been authorised.

Mr. Ford, Sequel has been authorised.

Here at O Wiily?, we’re big fans of The Conduit; we really appreciate High Voltage’s work, and so whenever we hear something about the title, we’re all over it like flies on the brown stuff.

Listening to the latest episode of IGN’s Podcast, Nintendo Voice Chat (Episode 21) we overheard something rather interesting during an interview with one of the staff at High Voltage Software. Amazingly, months before the release of The Conduit, it seems that HVS has plans for a sequel.

“Some of the other criteria that we definitely wanted to make sure was in the mix was having the ability to get started on the sequel straight away. So that’s something we’re excited about….as more details become available, you guys (IGN) will be the first to know”

Straight away? Looks like HVS aren’t messing around with this one.

Also in the podcast, HVS confirmed that they have finally landed on a publisher for their title, but shed no light on who said publisher is, only mentioning that they are “one of the larger publishers”. HVS also stated that the publisher is on the same wavelength as HVS in creating a mature FPS for the Wii, and making The Conduit a stand-out game in their line-up, not just “one game in a vast line of titles”. (Taxi for EA!)

We’ll be bringing you more information on The Conduit, right up until its release.



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