Disaster: Day of Crisis hits Europe

Disaster: Day of Crisis hits Europe in October

Today, Nintendo of Europe announced that Disaster: Day of Crisis will be released on European shores on October 24th of this year.

The game, developed by Nintendo in harmony with Monolith Soft, was announced at Nintendo’s E3 Media and Business Summit, way back in 2006.

Since then, its future has been in question, with some even comparing it to the infamous Project H.A.M.M.E.R, claiming a release to be off the cards entirely.

However, throughout the two year period, snippets of information were leaked; new screens, and a curious looking advertisement showed up a while back, slating the game for a late 2008 release in Japan.

The game sees Raymond Byrce, an ex-marine, struggle to survive through a series of natural disasters, including tsunamis, volcano eruptions, earthquakes and more, helping civilians and killing members of a terrorist team on the way.

Disaster: Day of Crisis hits Europe this October



2 Responses

  1. Wow that looks like a great game never heard of it
    but looks very promising for Nintendo,

    Do you know by any chance if this going to be released
    for the Xbox 360, ❓

    Very nice site you have here I found
    your site in forum…


  2. Hey.
    Thanks for the interest, we’re only a small site, ran by two high school students.
    We only started today, it’s good to have some activity already.

    Unfortunately, the game will not be released on the Xbox 360 as it is developed by Nintendo; it’s a Wii exclusive.


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